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Nail Treatments

Nail Enhancements

Gel overlays
Gel toes
Nail art
Fibreglass extensions
Fibreglass overlays
Infills (2-3 weekly)
Additional gel polish

Fibreglass creates strong, natural looking nail enhancements. An alternative to acrylic.

We don't use any electric drills during the application, infill or removal process.

Hand and Foot Treatments

Manicure with gel polish
Luxury pedicure
Additional revitilising foot masque and heated booties
Pedicure with gel polish
Luxury pedicure with gel polish
Callus peel
Additional pedicure treatment to soften & remove excess hard skin from the soles of the feet
Soak off and nail tidy
Removal of gel or fibreglass nails when not having enhancements replaced
Removal of acrylic
Additional service
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